Watch Servicing & Restoration

Hadleigh and Royal  are one of the leading UK specialist in vintage watches not only in terms of sales but also repair and restoration.

We undertake all types of repairs and maintenance for your watch, be it a classic vintage model or something much more modern. Due to our years of collecting and dealing in watches, it is in our interest to find the best watchmakers.

We have a select few trained horologists that are skilled in all manner of repairs from basic cleaning and adjusting to replacing worn or broken parts, jewels, mainspring replacement, dial restoration or replacement, case restoration etc.

If we are unable to locate a replacement part for your watch we can often make one from original type materials – this helps maintain the authenticity and value of your timepiece.


If you do decide to have your watch serviced or repaired by us, you can be assured that we will handle your watch with great care and as if it were our own, we will also keep you informed along the way, giving you detailed updates with regards to what exactly is happening or needs to happen along with time frame expectations.

What you can expect from us?

- Your enquiry will be handled with maximum care and urgency. We will diagnose your watch and give you a quote with the time needed in which this will be completed.

- With your agreement, we will start the repair / restoration immediately. 

- You will be kept updated throughout the whole process, given detailed explanations of what has happening to your watch and what we expect the outcome to be.

- We will ALWAYS return your watch to you in full working order including a full 12 month warranty.